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Cancervive 2020

Cancervive Tour 2020 

September 26, 2020

NOTE: This fundraising site is ONLY for cyclists and volunteers who are raising funds for Wellspring Calgary. For Wellspring Edmonton participants, please contact Chris Reese, Cancervive GM, at

About the Tour

As of August 31st, the Cancervive Board made the difficult decision to change the ride plan for September. To ensure the safety of all the Wellspring and the Cancervive community including members, riders, volunteers and all connected friends, the Cancervive Ride for September 24-29 in Osoyoos to a one day ride on September 26th. This ride will take place in Banff the 1A Hwy. Our wish for all is to keep everyone healthy as possible and still involved in cycling as a dedicated group to support the great work of Wellspring.

About Cancervive

The Cancervive Foundation of Alberta is a non-profit society that organizes and administers all aspects of the Cancervive Cycle Tour. When you join the Tour you're not only joining a charity bike ride, you're becoming part of an extended family. Cancervive is volunteer-based, directing 100% of donated funds to Alberta Wellspring centres.

To learn more about the Tour, go to or get in touch with Cancervive General Manager, Christine Reese, at

About Wellspring Calgary

Wellspring Calgary is a warm and welcoming community that provides support, resources and programs to those affected by cancer.  Wellspring addresses the fear, isolation, and practical problems cancer brings to their lives. Programs and resources are offered free of charge and without a referral, so no one has to face cancer alone.

Wellspring is grateful to the organizers, riders, and supporters of the Cancervive Cycle Tour without whom the ride couldn't happen. 

To learn more about Wellspring Calgary visit



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